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£105,000 saving achieved for family of 4

£105,000 saving achieved for family of 41

When we first were instructed on this client’s case, their family home was up for repossession. This was an extremely vulnerable time for the family unit and they were left with a crystallised shortfall of £115,000. In this instance, the best option for the family was to opt for a consensual sale. When the lender…

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Savings of £2,810,000 achieved and 40 jobs saved

Savings of £2,810,000 achieved and 40 Jobs saved (1)

Company Debt of £3,200,000 with Personal Guarantee of £2,000.000 and Personal Borrowings of £400,000 sold to ‘vulture fund’ all settled for £790,000 Our Clients’ company debt along with personal borrowings was sold to a ‘vulture fund’. The Company had 40 employees and operated from a manufacturing facility held as part of security by the vulture…

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Eager couple caught in the property crash

young couple

A young  and eager couple were desperate to get themselves on the property crash, seeking to invest. Unfortunately, for the eager couple, this was just before the property crash of 2008. The couple found themselves falling victim to a shortfall of just under 100,000 pounds, on one of their buy-to-let properties. With the help of…

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