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The Recession, ten years on: how are we affected?

The recession, ten years on: how are we affected? The recession began as just another financial crisis on Wall Street. There was an issue with subprime mortgages in America—mortgages given to people who looked to be high-risk lenders, with difficulty maintaining a repayment schedule—which became a bigger and bigger issue as more and more people…

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Savings of £2.15M with large Vulture Fund

Bell & Company

High level of Corporate debt settled A most intelligent and astute business Client approached us regarding a large level of Corporate Debt, in the region of £2.3m, that he owed to a Vulture Fund. The borrowings were in his own, personal name and had been taken out with a locally based institution however had been sold on…

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Savings of £4.97M


Settlement at c0.6% of original borrowing -A settlement of a Co Down based Client, working in the Freight Industry, attended, for the purposes of consultation, at our offices and was extremely distressed at the thought that he would be made Bankrupt by his primary Creditor who was a well-known and aggressive vulture fund. -He owed more than…

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