Welcome to Bell & Company- Experts in Pre and Post Independent Insolvency Advice

Bell & Company pride themselves in offering independent professional debt advice particular and specific to our client’s needs.

We understand the pressure of Debt and the effect it has on people and family.

We assist and guide our Clients in the following fields:

  • Bank Negotiations
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Property Finance Issues
  • Negative Equity Shortfalls
  • Even in the worst case…..Bankruptcy but armed with the best advice

We work with financial institutions in a way that looks to positively resolve the situation for our Client and this is in turn invariably is the best outcome for lenders and creditors. As always our initial consultation is FREE to talk to us and we can quickly help you plan your way through the problems of debt in whatever form they come.

What we do

Independent Professional Insolvency Solutions

The Corporate Department of Bell & Company engages with primary Banking Institutions on behalf of your business and specialises in business- orientated debt.

Negative Equity
Negative Equity

Bell & Company represents clients with property associated debt on residential or buy to lets to minimise their exposure and settle the resulting shortfall on a full & final basis - with a view to avoiding insolvency as that is no one’s interest, be it lender or borrower.

Bankruptcy Advice
Bankruptcy Advice

Bankruptcy.... It’s not nice but it’s a lot easier when armed with the best advice. Bankruptcy is always an option which may even suit your circumstances. In many instances your house is safe but every case is different.

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"As a Team, we strive to provide a first class, second to none service, achieving outstanding results thus leading both individuals & businesses to the realisation that there is always an option. We stand by you through good and bad times, with honesty, integrity and a sense of shared values"