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Bankruptcy can be a worrying and confusing process, scroll down to find out more about the process, its impacts and your options.

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Everything You Need To Know About Bankruptcy

Failure to pay your debts can result in you being made bankrupt. This puts your personal finances and assets at risk. Whilst sometimes declaring yourself bankrupt can be the best option, being made bankrupt by a creditor is a much…
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Should You Enter Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be a daunting and confusing process. The ‘B word’ strikes fear into the hearts of many. However, in the right situation and if handled correctly, can actually be a good option to start fresh. Having said this, bankruptcy…
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Bankruptcy: Trustee Negotiations

A Trustee is the person appointed to oversee your bankruptcy. Their main job is to recover your assets, sell these and use the money to pay back your creditors. They are licenced Insolvency Practitioners (IP) and they work to maximise…
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