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Personal Guarantees

If you can’t pay, a personal guarantee poses a serious financial risk for directors. Read more about the specific issues caused by different types of guarantees, how to deal with your creditors and your options.
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These loan schemes were introduced as a lifeline during the pandemic. But now, they are a burden for businesses. Click below to find out what they mean for your business and explore your options.
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HMRC Business Arrears

HMRC are one of the most difficult creditors any business can face and pose a serious threat to companies and directors. Read on to learn more about the specific issues you may face.
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Can’t Repay Your Director’s Loan Account (DLA)?

Borrowing money from your business can carry serious consequences. Read on to find out more about the impact and how you can protect yourself.
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Directors’ Liability And Exposure: The Facts

It is often wrongly assumed that directors are not liable for the debts of a limited company, this is not the case. Find out what you are, and aren’t liable for.
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Statutory Demands, CCJs & Winding Up Petitions

A statutory demand, CCJ or winding up petition should not be ignored or, they could spell disaster for your business. Read on to find out more about your options.
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Business Rescue

There are an infinite number of issues that can put your buiness under financial pressure. However, there are always solutions available. Find out more about how you can resolve your issues.
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Commercial Property Issues

Commercial property issues can be complex and can have serious consequences for businesses and individuals. Read on to find out more about the options available to resolve your issues.
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Business Liquidation

Liquidation is a complex and serious insolvency process, both for busineses and directors. Find out more about what liquidation means for you and what your best options are.
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Bell & Company Personal Guarantee Specialists

Navigating Personal Guarantees: Mitigating Director’s Risks in Business Loans

In a recent article, the Financial Times highlighted that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced its investigation into banks’ practices of requiring personal guarantees from directors of small businesses. This response comes following a ‘super-complaint’ by the Federation of Small…

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