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Is Your Business Struggling With Cash Flow?

Generally, if a business is profitable, it is deemed to be a success. However, this one-dimensional view can cover many internal financial issues. Healthy cash flow is key to a business’s long-term survival. Without good cash flow, an unexpected expense…
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The Risks of Trading Insolvently

When a company can no longer pay its debts or when a company’s debts outweigh its assets, it is classed as insolvent. When a business is in this position and continues its day-to-day operations, it is ‘trading insolvent’. The responsibilities…
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Can Your Business Be Rescued?

The hard truth is that nearly 60% of businesses fail in their first 3 years. The longer the timescale, the higher this number is. This means that, your business is likely to struggle and could possibly become insolvent. However, this…
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