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Talk to a member of our team, Call 0371 705 2609


We are very grateful to Bell and Company for all their advice and guidance over the past few years. Stuck with an interest only mortgage on a house in massive negative equity, it really seemed as though there was no way out. Bell & Company were able to assist us with the voluntary surrender of our property and negotiation of a full and final settlement with the lender.

The most important thing that I found, was that Bell & Company not only dealt with the figures and paperwork of it all, but that they dealt with it all in a compassionate way. They understood how emotionally difficult such a process can be and were always friendly and understanding both face to face or across the telephone.

For anyone considering dealing with their finances in this way, I can't stress enough the importance of using a company who can show empathy. Bell & Company maintained confidence that we would eventually sort everything out, even when obstacles were thrown our way (refusal of consensual sale by lender, refusal of first offer by lender etc). I was always glad that they were happily available on the end of the phone to answer the million questions that I had at each stage of the process.

I would recommend Bell and Company to anyone who need assistance with negative equity situations. Meet with them to see what they can do with you - we met with them two years ago just to hear what they had to offer. We are glad that we did as they were able to put us in this much better financial situation.

Anonymous couple

County Down

Hi Emma-Rose,


Thankfully this is almost over!! I can now get on with my life. I appreciate all your hard work in getting this sorted. That's twice now Bell and Company have saved my bacon. I hate to say it, but I hope I don't have to call yous any time in the near future. Thanks again and pass on my appreciation to Terry.


Kindest Regards



I had significant borrowings with a bank, which at the time were more than willing to provide me with the funds; they also went as far as to advise me to invest in the property market at the time. Then the market crash and the bank demanded their money back. I was left with large debts and no way of paying them off. This started as what I can only describe as “torture for the next 6 years”. I was under constant pressure from the bank, with my only one option- to lose everything.

Fortunately, I came into contact with Terry Bell from Bell and Company, whom from day one, gave me assurance and comfort that there was in fact a way out and everything way going to be okay. I instructed Terry to act on my behalf, thus relieving me of the pressure that has weighed me down for so long. Bell and Company then entered into negotiations with the bank with a goal to benefit both parties. The Bell and Company team successfully negotiated a settlement with the bank and I can now return to running my business.

I cannot thank Bell and Company enough for their dedication and commitment to seeing this difficult case through to a satisfactory conclusion.


Co Antrim

I would like thank you for everything that you have accomplished for my wife and I over the last few months & your professional approach to this difficult situation- well done! We can now get our lives back on track & plan for the future.


Co Down

To the team at BellComp


I just wanted to take the opportunity to drop you all a note as this month marks a year since we moved into our new home. Although for the majority this wouldn’t mean much, to us it is a milestone. A few years back we wouldn’t have believed that we would ever be in a position to own our dream home. In our early twenties we worked hard to save a deposit and bought our first house, it wasn’t what we had wanted but like any other young couple at the time we kept being outbid on any property we loved. We believed that we were doing the right thing with the thoughts ‘you cannot lose money in property’ and it was sensible to ‘get on the property ladder’ our new mottos in life.


We happily moved in to our first home on the 01/05/2007 but within 8 weeks our property had decreased in value by tens of thousands. Within a year we were in negative equity of over £100k and growing as the months drew on. Both of us worked long hours paying our mortgage every month and kept our heads up believing someday things would change again. Fast forward a few years and it was clear this was not going to be the case I still remember the sinking realisation that at the end of the mortgage term the bank were going to be looking the £165k mortgage repaid even though the property was worth £50k. We then received another letter to say that the interest on the mortgage was being increased … again … and there was nothing we could do about it as we were in negative equity. This meant we were paying nearly £1000 per month and not one penny of that was paying off the £165k we had borrowed in the first place as it was interest only. The bank simply did not care or want to talk to us.


It was a living nightmare … then I met Helen at a networking event who spoke about the services Bellcomp offered. I immediately left and mentioned it to a financial advisor friend who sang the praises of Terry and his team and introduced me to Terry directly. What can I say, things took a dramatic turn for the better for us from then. Terry Bell took the time to come and meet me, he was kind and understanding. He made me come to terms with the fact that the recession was out of my control and that we actually had options. He probably doesn’t even realise how much of a positive impact he had. From then on things just became easy. Rado dealt with our case and he was simply amazing. Negative equity and shortfall sales were all a bit of a taboo subject and many a person said how this was a load of nonsense and a scam however not once did my confidence in them falter, Rado was always providing advice and updates. If at any stage I became worried about what I should do next, a two minute call to Rado had my mind at ease and he just took control. I knew that nomatter the outcome they had our best intentions at the forefront.

Although it was, of course over a period of time, it was as simple as

  1. Sell the house
  2. Let Bellcomp do the rest


Subsequently, I built an amazing relationship with Jess, William, who are absolute experts in their fields, and the rest of the team at Bellcomp, I cannot hold you all in higher regard.

It felt important that a year after buying our new home, that I reflected back and took the time to thank you all.

It has been an honour to watch your business grow as you deserve every success. Terry and Amanda have absolutely created a genuinely amazing team providing options for all. Very often a company mission statement or published goal does not reflect the true outcomes or ethos of a business however coming across the below on your website I can honestly say there isn’t a truer word spoken.

“As a Team, we strive to provide a first class, second to none service, achieving outstanding results thus leading both individuals & businesses to the realisation that there is always an option. We stand by you through good and bad times, with honesty, integrity and a sense of shared values.”

Thanks again for all the hard work you put in and it is great to see you helping so many individuals and businesses.



Thanks a million James, hopefully I won’t ever need your help again but if I ever do, I will not hesitate to contact you or recommend you to anybody else in trouble.

I wish you and your father, and the entire company all the best in the future.

Thanks again, I will never forget what you have done for me.

O.M & R.R

Co Fermanagh

Hello Helen,

Thank you for all your help and understanding and patience with our trying project.

I realise it is what you do for a living, but Terry and yourself have greatly helped our families to get through this mess and we very much appreciate what you have done and continue to do to resolve it.

Thanks again and all the best.

T.M & MMcD

Co Derry/Londonderry

“I have referred in excess of 30 of my clients to Bell and Co. The main point is they only charge an engagement fee and no hidden costs. The client knows what to expect from the start. They have been able to obtain excellent settlements.”

“I have had all the stress and hassle of dealing with lenders taken from me by Bell and Co. It’s great to have someone on your side.”


Co Down

We wanted to sell our home but like so many others it was in negative equity. We contacted Bell and Company, who offered clear, precise and professional advice. After our first meeting, we made the decision to appoint Bell and company to act on our behalf. They took control of the situation and went into negotiations with our mortgage lender, providing us with regular updates. They successfully negotiated with our mortgage company to release us with minimal repayments, enabling us to sell our home and move on with our future. We found Bell and Company straight talking, pro-active and professional and I would recommend anyone in our position to contact them

R. McP


“From our first point of contract, Bell & Co provided a professional and informed service. Their attention to detail and knowledge of current financial affairs specific to our negative equity situation gave my wife and I the confidence and assurance to proceed with the process under their expert guidance. Bell and Company handled all direct contact with our lenders, therefore removing all the stress involved with discussing and negotiating our financial circumstances.

We put a lot of trust in their advice and carried out the process as instructed. We really did appreciate the regular contact as any questions or concerns we had along the way were swiftly answered by phone or e-mail. The resulting settlement fully removed all the suffocating financial restraints and emotional pressure, allowing us to move on with our lives.

We would recommend Bell and Company to anyone in a similar situation looking to resolve the issues, strains and stress that negative equity brings”



Over the last 4 years Bell and Company have been advising us on our financial affairs and they have always been thoughtful and insightful with regards to our needs and objectives. Their guidance has been sound and in today’s challenging economic conditions that have been hugely valuable. They have always acted in a manner which is driven by a desire to serve our best interests and we trust their judgement unreservedly. Due entirely to the ongoing recession, things haven’t worked out financially for us as we have anticipated and Bell and Company have worked closely with us through several difficult situations without any fall-outs with lenders . We would have no hesitation in recommending Bell and Company to others who require a guiding hand out of challenging financial difficulties.


Co Antrim

I would just like to thank Terry Bell and Jessica Cullen for their immediate action during a very depressing time in my life, a few months ago.

I really don’t know how to thank everyone concerned but without you all I would have ended up in a sorry state.

E. G

Co Down

Our daughter purchased a house with her then partner approximately 10 years ago.  Unfortunately, the relationship broke up a short time later just before the collapse of the property market and they were left with a house in negative equity.

The house was let for a short time and then became vacant for several years.  It was hoped that the property market would improve and the house could be sold but this did not happen.

Her ex-partner continued to pay the mortgage but it was becoming a financial burden and something had to be done.

Through a friend, my husband heard about Bell & Company.  We contacted them and, after a very positive initial interview, they took on our case.

The whole process took some time although over a year was spent trying to sell the house.

Eventually, the house was sold but we were left with a shortfall of £105,000.00.  Bell & Company negotiated with the bank concerned and managed to obtain a settlement of £21,500.00.

A successful outcome was achieved and allowed two young people to each move on with their lives.

Bell and Company were always very helpful and pleasant to deal with and we remain extremely grateful to them.

Mrs A S

Comber, Co Down


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