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£65,000 Saving & Home Protected

£65,000 Saving and Home Protected

£65,00 saving and home protected Our client, in this case, had been unable to maintain the payments on her mortgage and had developed huge arrears in an extended period of financial difficulty. The property in question was a 2nd property, which was tenanted. Bell & Company upon initial consultation advised the client on a consensual…

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Will I Lose My Home in Bankruptcy?

Will I Lose My Home

Will I Lose My Home in Bankruptcy? The Fear What’s the biggest fear about bankruptcy or personal insolvency? Ask anyone who has faced this trial and you will get the same answer: losing your home. When you look at your debt situation and accept it is unmanageable it is practically certain that ‘Is my home…

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My home has been sold and now I have received a letter chasing an outstanding balance. What are my options?

property crash

As the various lending institutions work through their ‘delinquent’ mortgage books, more and more people are approaching us at the end of the sale process, when the lender and their agents, usually solicitors, chase and seek recovery of the outstanding amount due, after the disposal of the asset(s) involved. If a property was purchased pre…

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It is coming up to a couple of weeks since the EU Referendum was held and that Brexit was announced. It has been perhaps the most turbulent time in British politics in living memory with party leaders stepping aside or being under severe pressure. Whatever your political views or whether you voted leave or remain…

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Pressure from a pending loan sale?

loan sale

As will know, there has been a multitude of bank loan sales of late to a variety of recovery companies and vulture funds. This includes Ulster Banks loan sales to Cerberus and Cabot for example amongst many others (further batch of letters issued end of May to notify of yet another pending loan sale) When a…

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A recent Standard & Poors report cites that 4 out of 10 mortgage borrowers in Ireland are in Negative Equity. Furthermore, 6 out of 10 borrowers in Mortgage Arrears are also in Negative Equity. The average negative equity balance is currently €54, 000. Given 40 per cent of borrowers find themselves in negative the estimate…

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Business Consultancy

As Bell & Company has grown since its inception we have continually looked to add different skills and services which can benefit our clients. Towards the end of 2015 we were asked more and more business specific queries from clients and how we could assist in improving their business. Accordingly, we are looking to develop…

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