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Bell & Company prove benefits of great business relationships

Bell & Company

Bell & Company were recently able to assist a young couple with 2 young children facing eviction from the family home. Bell & Company were appointed and approached the lender seeking a consensual sale, which was accepted by the lender. In this instance, Bell & Company achieved savings of around £105,000, after the agreed open…

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How you can beat debt

beat debt

How you can beat debt Debt is a problem that affects millions of people all over the world. In the UK specifically, over 8.3 million families are currently living in debt, with this often causing people emotional stress and anxiety as well as financial problems. In Newham, London, more than 20% of the people living…

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First-time investor left with large shortfall

first-time investor

Bell & Company were contacted by a first time investor who had been left in negative equity on his home. This was the gentleman’s first time investing in property, and unfortunately, just took out a mortgage at simply the wrong time, and had the possibility of insolvency looming over him. At Bell and Company, over…

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Despite difficult lender, a 10% settlement can be achieved

A settlement of 10% can still be achieved, even when faced with a difficult lender A couple with a large shortfall of over £120,000 with a notoriously difficult lender approached us for help. While we had overseen the sale of the property and had been attempting to negotiate with the lender for quite some time,…

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Finance professional avoids Bankruptcy

Bell and Company recently assisted a professional to avoid Bankruptcy Our client, who happened to be a professional in the field of finance, unfortunately, fell victim to the property crash, which saw them left with a shortfall of over £110,000. They decided to surrender the property back to the lender as arrears and liability continued…

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The Recession, ten years on: how are we affected?

The recession, ten years on: how are we affected? The recession began as just another financial crisis on Wall Street. There was an issue with subprime mortgages in America—mortgages given to people who looked to be high-risk lenders, with difficulty maintaining a repayment schedule—which became a bigger and bigger issue as more and more people…

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Unaffordable Negative Equity Property

Unaffordable Negative Equity Mortgage

Like many since the financial crash, our client came to us in a position where they could no longer manage to repay their mortgage due to the continuing and difficult financial situation they were in. With an outstanding balance of £120,000 on the mortgage, the property was found to be in severe negative equity after…

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‘Low’ Mortgage Shortfall Settlement

low mortgage shortfall settlement

Our Client had an outstanding mortgage shortfall of £13,000 and needed to break free from their debt to move on with their life. Many lenders consider lower outstanding debts such as this to be deemed as ‘affordable’ over someone’s lifetime. In such a case, the lower level of crystallised debt could provoke the Lender consider…

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Insolvency – What to do when the worst happens

Insolvency - What to do when the worst happens

Insolvency – What to do when the worst happens: If your business is facing insolvency, it can seem like there’s no way out. You may be kept up by anxiety over what’s going to happen to you, your staff, your professional reputation and your assets. Although the stress might be overwhelming, you have time to…

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UK Mortgage Shortfall settled – £54,000 Saved

Buy to let properties

UK Mortgage Shortfall Our client was a Polish national who moved to Co Down area for an excellent job opportunity back in 2008. Given it was his long term intention to reside in the property for some time our client purchased a property at the peak of the market with little knowledge of the impending…

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