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First-time investor left with large shortfall

first-time investor

Bell & Company were contacted by a first time investor who had been left in negative equity on his home. This was the gentleman’s first time investing in property, and unfortunately, just took out a mortgage at simply the wrong time, and had the possibility of insolvency looming over him. At Bell and Company, over…

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‘Buy-to-Let’ property stress


Bell & Company finalise successful negotiations on a buy-to-let property. An older couple based in England approached our company regarding a property they had bought to rent as a holiday home in the south of the country. The lender was known to be notoriously difficult to deal with, so this was an ongoing battle between the…

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Unaffordable Negative Equity Property

Unaffordable Negative Equity Mortgage

Like many since the financial crash, our client came to us in a position where they could no longer manage to repay their mortgage due to the continuing and difficult financial situation they were in. With an outstanding balance of £120,000 on the mortgage, the property was found to be in severe negative equity after…

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‘Low’ Mortgage Shortfall Settlement

low mortgage shortfall settlement

Our Client had an outstanding mortgage shortfall of £13,000 and needed to break free from their debt to move on with their life. Many lenders consider lower outstanding debts such as this to be deemed as ‘affordable’ over someone’s lifetime. In such a case, the lower level of crystallised debt could provoke the Lender consider…

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A Complete Guide to Negative Equity

A Complete guide to Negative Equity

The term ‘negative equity’ is one no homeowner wants to hear. But what is negative equity and what does it mean if you find yourself hearing those dreaded words? Since the start of the recession all those years ago, the term has been paraded around the media more than any other. The mere mention of…

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Mortgage Shortfall

property debt issues

Property Payments This case proved difficult. It was a father and son relationship, the Father acted as a guarantor for the son on the mortgage. The son could not maintain the property payments and the property was ultimately repossessed and sold in possession by the Bank.   The father and son where pursued for the…

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UK Mortgage Shortfall settled – £54,000 Saved

Buy to let properties

UK Mortgage Shortfall Our client was a Polish national who moved to Co Down area for an excellent job opportunity back in 2008. Given it was his long term intention to reside in the property for some time our client purchased a property at the peak of the market with little knowledge of the impending…

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Marriage breakdown – Divorce Situation

Marriage breakdown

Mortgage Settlement A couple from Co Down with a marriage breakdown sought help from our specialists after their divorce as they agreed it was beneficial to sell the property they owned together which forced them into Negative Equity. The mortgage on the property was for £204,000. We achieved agreement from the lender to a consensual…

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Mortgage Shortfall Settlement


Mortgage repayments A Single lady bought a house in North Belfast with a £230,000 mortgage in 2006.  Her mortgage repayments were £770 per month Interest only. Unfortunately she lost her job and could not afford to pay her mortgage. Bell & Company helped her through the process. The Client opted to sell the property on…

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