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Could I lose my home?


Could I lose my home? One thing we understand entirely is that home is sacrosanct to most people thus it is imperative that the situation in home is investigated first and foremost. In many instances, a Borrower/Guarantor’s home will be mortgaged with another lending institution and, as a result of the property crash, there will…

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Loan Sold to Cerberus? Act Now!


In a recent blog we discussed the sale of Ulster Bank loan books to Cerberus. Since then things have moved a pace and at Bell & Company we are pleased to report we have had constructive meetings and discussions with Cerberus thus far. Cerberus are now starting to initiate contact with borrowers whose loans have…

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Cerberus and Ulsterbank- Loan sales- What is going on!?

Cerberus and Ulsterbank

In late 2014 it was announced that Cerberus had purchased Ulster Bank’s giant non-performing Project Aran loan book. Cerberus paid £1.1bn for Project Aran which has an unpaid loan balance of c£6bn. The transaction completed in the first quarter of this year and Cerberus and Cerberus Capital management have started to work away. Project Aran…

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